• Dawn Grobe

Second Semester, return to 4-days

Second semester brought a return to school for 4 days a week. Some students switched from hybrid to remote or remote to hybrid. Very little changed in the way of staffing. Vernon remains grouped with Guilford Central School and Putney Central School to form fully remote learning groups.


Jordan Leonard

Beth Eriksson

Fully remote - Sandra Cortes, Guilford

First grade

Melissa Manson

Kim Kunkle

Fully remote - Maggie Hansen, Guilford

Second grade

Katie Costa

Fully remote - Karyn Tyler, Guilford

Third grade

Tai Morse

Fully remote - Nicole Stevens, Putney

Fourth grade

Ashley Perkins

Dawn Grobe

Fully remote - Stacy Frazer, Putney

Fifth grade

Deb Patno

Eileen Roach

Fully remote - Henny Walsh, Putney

Sixth grade

Shannon Miner

Fully remote - Marcia Woodruff, Vernon